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Rome Reports

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Opus Dei Prelate promotes projects to help coronavirus patients

Opus Dei prelate, Fernando Ocáriz, virtually met with medical professionals who have worked on the frontlines during the pandemic.

They told him moving stories. Some were in hospitals, run by Opus Dei. For example, in Nigeria, doctors and nurses unanimously decided that they would not leave patients alone.

Niger Foundation Hospital (Nigeria)
"Many private hospitals tend to have the approach of rejecting and coming back patients that has the lightest symptoms related to COVID-19."

Laguna Palliative Care Center (Spain)
"Those we have cared for here were those excluded, those who in other centers did not find a place. They were very old people, those with advanced cancer, people with Alzheimer's."

COVID-19 Unit Bio-Medical Campus (Rome)
“We also learned how to tell what they wanted, from listening to a particular type of music, to eating ice cream, or even a plate of Amatriciana pasta, which wasn't difficult to find in Rome.”

Covid Austral Solidarity Hospital
“We already have four patients who have recovered. One of which is 97 years old, another 91, another 76 with diabetes, and the fourth person is a 27-year-old boy who celebrated his birthday at the Solidarity Hospital a few days ago.”

In Spain, a doctor suddenly found herself in the eye of the hurricane. She highlighted the generosity of professionals, regardless of their religion.

Infanta Elena University Hospital (Madrid)
“From a medical point of view, when we couldn't do anything else, we realized we could do more in a different way. We often dried tears, said a few comforting words, and reiterated the messages their families shared with them by phone.”

Fernando Ocáriz thanked them for their actions to respect the dignity of each patient, until the final moment of their lives.

Prelate of Opus Dei
“I encourage you to continue working as you are already doing, with much encouragement. To take the experiences we have all had, you in a more direct way. There are so many good people , so many people who have been risking their lives, going above and beyond the professional duty they had as doctors, nurses, cleaning personnel, and more. They exceeded themselves by helping others.”

In addition, the prelate of Opus Dei celebrated a Mass in Rome next to the tomb of St. Josemaría, to pray for the victims of the coronavirus and their families.

Prelate of Opus Dei
“Those of us who participate in this Holy Mass - in person or via web - unite ourselves with love and prayer to all those suffering in the world. We entrust ourselves to the deceased, so that from Heaven - with Saint Josemaría, on his feast day – they intercede for all of us.”

In the homily, he also highlighted that, along with suffering, the pandemic has shown the generosity, creativity, initiative and selfless work of many people. He recalled the work of healthcare workers, security personnel, priests, and paarents in their own homes.


Translation: Melissa Butz