Singer Unai Quirós launches new musical theme about moving forward, together

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Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh oh, All together, forward... Forward, forward.

Difficult moments are full of opportunity and hope. That's the reminder Unai Quirós gives with his new musical theme: “Todos juntos, adelante,” in English, “All together, forward.”

I never imagined you'd arrive, and now I find it hard to breathe. You know you changed our lives, and although it seems like a lie, you've left behind wounds to heal.

“'Todos juntos, adelante' is a song mainly about hope. It's a little about seeing how [the pandemic] has changed our lives, about seeing that, although it's changed our lives, we have to continue to move forward and above all, together, to not leave anyone behind.”

The musical theme also demonstrates social responsibility. Proceeds collected from the song and Unai Quirós' YouTube channel will be donated to Caritas' work in Malaga.

We have to keep living. Our children have to keep growing. When fear drives away your dreams, you can count on me.

He says he's taken advantage of the quarantine to more deeply live with a sense of family unity. 

“My wife and I have tried to teach our children to appreciate and value what they have. These moments—in which you see how the world comes crumbling down around people without food, without homes, people who are losing their loved ones—these are the moments in which to give thanks for everything the Lord gives us.”

This Catholic singer assures that he'll continue to use his voice to bring hope to people, and to remind them that the calm always follows the storm.

Because this world needs your effort, and united it can change... Forward, forward...

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CT

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