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Grammy nominated singer launches not-to-be-missed single “Family”

Grammy nominated musician Ayiesha Woods has launched the single, “Family,” part of her new project, “Full Circle,” to be released in September 2020.

“'Family' is a theme song, a global theme song of celebration, and celebration of one of humankind's greatest treasures, through it all—through the ups and downs, through the good times and the bad times alike.”

Although the theme seems especially fitting during the coronavirus pandemic, as many families come out of an extended lockdown period, it was actually hurricane Irma, which hit the southeast United States in 2017, that first inspired the song.

“For that whole week almost, we were hunkered down and spending a whole lot of time together, as a family, and that's actually when I wrote the song, 'Family.'”

It wasn't a solo project however. Woods co-wrote the song with her husband, a real testament to the ideals it embodies.

“He's big on family. I'm big on family. We both come from very strong families, thank God for that, and family is the absolute greatest representation of God's kingdom.”

Woods says “Full Circle” is sure to challenge fans in their faith. She says they can expect to be inspired and encouraged. Most importantly, she says they can definitely expect to dance.

The album, with its refreshing beats and message of unity, camaraderie, faith and love, is what the artist calls “an authentic, unapologetic Ayiesha Woods experience.”

Claudia Torres