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Fr. Rob Galea launches new single, 3AM

This is the newest single released by singer-songwriter Fr. Rob Galea. The lyrics behind this melodic and upbeat ballad represents a deep and personal meaning to the “singing priest.”

“This song is a song about brokenness. It's a song which came out of my year, last year. As the year started to go by, I began to realize that I was serving Jesus. I was proclaiming Jesus. Jesus was on my lips, but I wasn't making the time for Jesus to be in my heart.”

This single titled “3AM,” is inspired by one of his most recent challenges as a touring Christian artist. Fr. Rob says that before the current pandemic, touring and traveling distanced him from his community and prayer life. He says he had to stop, go back, and reconnect with Jesus.

“So this song talks about this, it talks about: This is incredible we can have incredible opportunities, but everything fades away when we look into the face of Jesus. So this song talks about this, coming back to the heart of God, coming back to, as Pope Benedict said, contemplating the face of Jesus.”

This new single, “3AM,” also gives people a message on how materialism and the world’s riches all fade away when looking into “Jesus’s face.” Fr. Rob has released seven music projects to date. Of these, he wrote and released the theme song for WYD Panama 2019, with Latin beats.

In all this, whilst greatly appreciating his gift of music, he recognizes that before everything, he is a follower of Christ, a priest, and only then, a musician. 

Christian Campos