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Former reality show participant dedicates herself to Catholic music

Azeneth Gonzalez's voice has inspired many people on their search for God. Though she says that a few years ago she was on the brink of losing sight of that purpose while she participated on a popular reality show.

“It was like, Wow! Experiencing fame. This whole experience led me to think, 'Now I will do what I've dreamed of doing for so long.' And yes, wrestling a little with these ideas about God and the faith, in an environment where I no longer felt strong, in which I wasn't really strong despite all my deeply rooted beliefs. I let myself be swept away by the current.”

She's been involved in the world of music since she was young, but fame and fortune weren't fulfilling. She gradually relearned to value music and give it another meaning.

“But entrusting myself to His will and knowing and being certain that whatever He puts in my life will be for the good, even in moments of doubt. Sometimes maybe the only thing we can see clearly is the cross. But we have to look beyond the cross to see the Resurrection.”

She had also decided to turn the page on her artistic career to dedicate herself fully to her community.

“It's interesting that when I re-encountered Jesus, I wasn't thinking about dedicating myself to music. It was very important to me, but I also understood that music wasn't everything.”

Maybe one day we'll have the opportunity to listen to her sing in front of Pope Francis. She has this beautiful picture, in which the pope is blessing her marriage.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi