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French duo of Christian music seek funding to release first album

Claire and Luke have something in common that united them as a musical and sentimental couple: their passion for religious music. The day they met, he says he was impressed to hear her sing a song about the Virgin Mary and they have not separated since. LUKE WINTON Musician, "Claire and Luke Wintonâ? "The first thing that I knew about Claire was this song and I was very touched by her voice. It was 'wow, what a voice!' It was so touching. I thought in my heart "ooh,â? I was very impatient to know her. So that's how we met, and we collaborated from the beginning. From the first day we met, we work as a team.â? Now they want to release their first album and need funding to be able to make it a reality as soon as possible. They are looking for support through "Credo Funding," a website that looks for donors for various religious projects. LUKE WINTON Musician,  "Claire and Luke Wintonâ? "It's our first album and we want to do it very profesionally. We need to produce CD's, lots of people buy CD's and it's expensive to produce them and our first aim as well is to make our project known.â? Among their upcoming projects is their participation in the Christian music festival "Angels Music Awards" in France and recording new video clips. CLAIRE WINTON Singer,  "Claire and Luke Wintonâ? "Another project is to have lots of children, that is our personal project. A big project. A family project.â? They say that dedicating themselves to Christian music is sometimes difficult because there are people who believe that only the religious can understand them. Now with their new album they want to prove that their songs are for everyone and that their message has no limits. AQ/MB -Wintons -FL -PR Up:MB