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A Franciscan friar musician who mixes together folk and African music

His music has thousands of hits on YouTube, and his first album, “Garden,” seems that it will follow suit.   

Fr. Tansi Ibisi did not dream of becoming a star, but God's plan led this young Nigerian to the priesthood, and also to music. 

After spending many years practicing guitar, he found the inspiration that made him write his best songs: God. 

For example, God places people like Irene in his life, which was the inspiration for his song “Rising.” He met her in a hospital, when she was alone and in the final phase of terminal cancer. 

In this other song, traditional Nigerian rhythm and a touch of folk converge to create “Nani Chineke.” The song was written in the traditional Nigerian language, where the two videos were filmed. In this one, Father Tansi sings an acoustic version. 

There's also this one, that includes fragments of “Generation Hope,” a documentary that explains the work of Mary's Meals. This Catholic organization was born in the 1990s, with the goal for every child in the world to eat at least once a day. 

His lyrics and music bring sound to life. With his vocal arrangements, strings and soft percussion, Fr. Tansi's first album is destined to make the Gospel message capable of reaching even the most stubborn hearts.