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Sole Catholic Boys Choir School in the United States set to release an album

These boys are part of a tradition that started in 1963, and one that few can lay claim to. They are students at St. Paul's Catholic Choir School, the only school of its kind in the United States. 

Featured on some of the top television channels in the United States, they are now releasing their second international album, entitled “Ave Maria.”

Choir Master

“On this album you're going to be hearing everything from Gregorian Chant right the way through many different composers. I think it's got some amazing music on it. The boys love it, and I think when they love something, they sing it very well.”

In seeing that this choir had something very special to offer the world of music, an 11-time Grammy Award-winning producer agreed to collaborate with them on the album. 

11x Grammy-Award Winning Producer

“It's tradition, and I never thought that it was particularly, I don't know, cultivated in the U.S. This is a boys choir in what we would call a traditional mull.”

Perhaps what also makes this choir so unique is that it is international, fusing different cultures and musical preferences, as seen amongst the diverse responses to their favorite songs. 

“Stabat mater by Pergolesi... Bist du bei mir by Bach... Fargo of Wisdom by Stanford.”

At a time where so much of today's music distracts from what is good, these boys do just the opposite, and bring songs with a new dimension to the public sphere.