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Union 3, the Colombian band that performed for Pope Francis in September

This is Unión 3. They are one of the Catholic music groups in Colombia that will sing for the pope in September.


"I am speaking about Bogota, because we know there are going to be two meetings. One will be in Plaza de Bolivar and the pope will meet with young people and give a special greeting there. Afterwards, there will be a Mass in Simón Bolívar. There, we are expecting about 500,000 people, but near the very large park in Bogotá, we expect about one million people."

There they will sing "Nadie como tú," a song from their first album that speaks of the originality of God.

Argentine Athenas Venica, a singer who has toured all over the world, could participate in the production of this disc. Now they are producing their second album "Eres tú" from which they have already released the first song.

This band is not limited to just singing. They also organize prayer groups with their fans and share each of their testimonies of faith to people where they are most needed.

"We've visited hospitals, visited groups of young people, groups of women, groups of men, groups of families... I give my testimony about my married life."

"What we are looking to do is evangelize in every way, and the audiovisual aspect to that is very important. So Unión 3 is going to continue making more videos and more things in the future."

Although they are now focusing their time on the production of their second album, they will take a break in September, when they will perform one of the most important performances of their life in front of Pope Francis.