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Alverlis, Christian music from the heart of New York

It was in her teenage years that this American singer-songwriter discovered her calling: using her musical talent to serve God. Since then, she has dedicated herself professionally to Catholic music. 

Each week she sings at Sunday Mass and routinely leads Eucharistic adoration celebrations. In addition, she has performed in events like this one, Catholic Underground NYC, organized by Franciscan monks. 

She discovered her calling to dedicate herself to music on her first spiritual retreat with the young people of her parish when she was 17 years old.


“An older woman approached me and she is like: 'Come here, young lady, I need to share something with you. I had a vision of you while you were singing. You were over a desk, and you were writing, and music notes were coming out of the paper. I believe that you are going to write music for Jesus, for His Glory'. So I remember that that really touched me because, you know, I was like, wow, you know? I've never heard something like that before. So it wasn't a long after that that I did write my first song and I've just been writing every since. So I believe that God really spoke to me that day.”

Her latest concert was held at Citi Field stadium in New York during a youth meeting referred to as “Catholic Day.”

Alverlis says she is convinced that God chooses each person in a specific way and gives him or her certain gifts. She believes she was chosen “as an instrument to reach others.”


“It's my prayer that whatever music I write, whatever I'm inspired to write, that it may touch others the way music has affected me. So that's always been my prayer, that people can come closer to God through the music.”

She currently has two albums on the market, “Love Changes Everything” and “Speak.” Now she is preparing her third album while continuing to help in her parish and giving concerts around the country.