Pope in Santa Marta: Kingdom of God does not grow with arrogance and pride

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In his homily at Casa Santa Marta the pope explained some characteristics of the Kingdom of God. While Pope Francis was speaking, a baby interrupted him with a loud cry.

'The Kingdom of God cannot be seen with arrogance, with pride; it does not love publicity. It is humble, hidden and this is how it grows. I think when people who followed Jesus saw the Blessed Mother, they said 'That's the mother, ah!...' The most holy woman, the most holy, the most hidden. Nobody knew the mystery of the Kingdom of God, the holiness of the Kingdom of God.'

Finally, he said that the Kingdom of God is like a seed that discretely grows inside each Christian thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit.

(Source: Vatican Radio)
'But who makes that seed grow? Who makes it sprout? God, the Holy Spirit, who is within us. And the Holy Spirit is the spirit of meekness, the spirit of humility, He is the spirit of obedience, the spirit of simplicity. It is He who makes the Kingdom of God grow with, not pastoral plans, the great things… No, it is the Spirit, in hiding. He makes it grow, and the moment arrives, and the fruit appears.

The Kingdom of God is not seen with haughtiness or pride; it does not love publicity. It is humble, hidden, and thus it grows. I think that when the people saw the Madonna, those who followed Jesus [said]: ‘That’s the mother, ah…’ The most holy woman, but in hiding. No one knew the mystery of the Kingdom of God, the holiness of the Kingdom of God. And when she was close by the Cross of her Son, the people said, ‘But the poor woman, with this criminal as a son, poor woman…’ Nothing, no one understood.

We are all called to take this road of the kingdom of God: It is a vocation, it is a grace, it is a gift, it is given freely, it is not purchased, it is a grace that God gives us. And all we who are baptized have the Holy Spirit within [us]. How is my relationship with the Holy Spirit, Who makes the Kingdom of God grow within me? A good question for all of us to ask ourselves today. Do I believe this? Do I truly believe that the Kingdom of God is in the midst of us, it is hidden? Or do I like spectacle even more?”

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