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Ixcís, Catholic music group offering its whole discography for free

It seems weird for a music group to give away its songs to everyone for free. Nevertheless, this is the case of Ixcís, which has been composing inspirational Christian prayer music for 25 years. 

It's an unconventional group. The seven members live in different cities in Spain and perform music while balancing full-time jobs in fields like medicine or education.

They say what began as a small mustard seed has grown into something that affects people in a way they never would've imagined.  

Priest, Ixcís

“For many, it's a source of refreshment. For others, it's helps them heal their wounds. For others, the songs are a way to denounce the negative situations in the world – it's also an outlet for us – and for many people, it's food that nourishes them in their Christian life and commitment to the Kingdom.”

For them, singing is a mission that allows them to touch people's hearts and share Jesus' message. Thus, they believe it's necessary to “freely give what they have received for free,” the gift of faith. 

Teacher, Ixcís

“Sometimes we feel like those prophets who said, 'But I'm small, I'm just a child.' God's response was, 'No, no. Go and tell them I'm sending you.' Once we accept it, it's all a win, it's all a gift. We are not the ones who pull the strings, it's the Father who moves us.”

Ixcís has released eight albums to date. The latest, “La lluvia de tu misericordia” (The Rain of Your Mercy), came out last year, during the Holy Year of Mercy

What's surprising is that anyone can listen to and download any of the group's songs directly on their website. They are also very active on social networks, and their works can be found on platforms like Facebook. 

They want their songs to be a voice for the Word of God and to bring His message to people. That's why they call each one of their performances “sharecerts” – they are not only concerts, but rather moments to share in prayer.

Nurse and Singer-Songwriter, Ixcís

“I think Christian music provides taste and depth to what we hear. It goes deeper in those habitual sensations that music in general evokes because it touches on faith, belief and the sentimental depth of the listener.”

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the group wants to continue the path of its mission. Therefore, it's working on a new album and says the grand challenge is to continue for at least another 25 years.