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Colombian band sings about God with a tropical twist

Worship sounds different if you give it a touch of tropical rhythm. That's what Ixthys, this Catholic band from Sabanagrande, Colombia, does. 

It was created 23 years ago when a group of musicians came together to liven up Mass in their parish. Their goal was to encourage prayer through music. 

Seeing that it worked, they decided to unite their talents to form the group Ixthys. 


"Ixthys means, Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior. Jesus, who called us to serve with these talents that He Himself gave us."

Their adventure began with concerts along the Colombian coast. Then, they toured Latin America. However, their biggest international event will be World Youth Day in Panama.


“This is the first time we will participate in World Youth Day. It really is such a rewarding experience for us, we are very excited to be able to share with other young people this moment of the Church.”


"Our music is intended to praise a living God. To know and understand that there is hope behind these songs and that God manifests Himself through them.”

In addition to sharing their music, they share video blogs of the events they attend and the activities they carry out on their YouTube channel.

Ixthys say they will continue to share this journey with fans so that together they can follow God's path.