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Panama WYD: Virtual reality will allow one to travel to Jesus' times

During World Youth Day Panama 2019, Omar Park will be transformed into Cristonautas Park. It is a space filled with technology, art and music for the enjoyment of young people.  

The central theme of this park is “The Annunciation to Mary.” The company HTC, Fundación Ramón Pané and WYD will make it possible experience the faith in a very real way.

President, Fundación Ramón Pané
“All this we are going to do with a technology called virtual reality, with special helmets.”

Young people will be able to use these virtual reality goggles to witness Jesus' seven miracles. They are 360-degree scenes that take one through history. For the first time this technology will travel from Europe to be enjoyed in a WYD event.

“We are showing the seven miracles VR experience, which is a full 70 minute film that shows each of the seven miracles. You can also watch episodes as well, each last about 10 minutes; and is all filmed in 360. It's a completely immersive experience. So you are sitting there with the headset and everything is happening around you.”

Ambassador of Panama to the Holy See
“For Panama, we are joyful that technology reaches youth. This is because we have to reach them through the mode they like. This is a fun way to evangelize, so that they get to know Sacred Scripture and Marian vocations. It will be a great plus for this World Youth Day.”

In addition to the technological activities, this park will have a religious music contest called “Xto Music” and another graffiti contest, “Xto Painting,” inspired by the WYD theme. 

President, Fundación Ramón Pané
“The park will also host a graffiti contest, in which young people coming from other countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, Guatemala, Central America and Africa, can paint the themes promoted by the pope. We will leave these paintings that these friends have made us in that beautiful Omar Park as a souvenir. We will also have a Marian singing contest.”

The Cristronautas Park will be open from January 22-25 and within the tour there will be several rooms to enjoy all the activities.