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Argentinean priest-singer releases his fourth album and music video

Music has always been important for Dante Alejandro Agüero, better known as “Padre Dante,” or Fr. Dante. 

As a teenager, he started playing the guitar. Since then he has not stopped singing, composing and recording songs to help people get to know God. 

“I began to learn the deep truths about my faith through songs and lyrics. On the basis of sound and performance.”

He says with his songs he wants to stir the hearts of the people who listen to them. For this reason, Fr. Dante seeks to communicate beauty through music.

“Let us not forget that we have been created for beauty. So when we sing there is this expression of the anointing and beauty. It captivates the heart. Not only the mind.” This is what it is all about, always finding better ways to be able to captivate not only people's minds, but also their hearts. Music is an enormous tool.”

Fr. Dante's most ambitious work is “Tiempo de Gracia.” It will come out in August. It is his fourth album and was produced along with 30 musicians. 

This Argentinean priest says this album is the one he has invested the most hours in. He has also recorded his first video clip: “Dios Padre de las misericordias.”

“When I received the proposal for a music video, I felt embarassed. However, after reflecting, I said, 'This is the time for communication, this is the time in which all the senses also have to be used.' “I believe the challenge of these times is that every sense needs to be used to announce the good news.”

Along with the release of the new album, Fr. Dante is preparing several concerts. The tour will start in Argentina and hopefully elsewhere afterward.