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Argentinean company perform musicals about heroes of the faith

BANUEV is an Argentinean Catholic community wanting to contribute to the New Evangelization through art. In addition to music, plastic arts and theater, they have also produced another piece of entertainment that combines all three: musicals.

Over the years they have composed several musicals. Their most ambitious projects are “Acts of the Apostles,” “Kolbe, Only Love Creates” and “Jesus of Nazareth, the Passion.”

BANUEV Coordinating Team
“What we want to transmit our musicals is to touch peoples hearts. To let them see in a short time the power of a message. Sometimes we don't have enough time to let ourselves be surprised by the mystery. However, a musical is very effective in reaching people within a short space of time.”

These musicals seek to bring the spectators closer to God. However, not only the spectators, but the artists also. This is because often they are not Christians or do not practice, but are moved to play the role of saints like Maximilian Kolbe or St. Paul. 

Actor and Singer of BANUEV
“It is a great challenge to interpret a saint, because in reality one only knows them as a Holy person. However, incarnating them as an actor also makes you aware of their humanity. This perhaps also helps one to think about the possibility of becoming a saint.”

They've been traveling around Latin America for years. However, their greatest success has been World Youth Days, especially in Krakow, where they performed their most exciting show. 

Composer of BANUEV
“It was of course a great blessing to perform 'Kolbe, only love creates.' It was something very significant to be able to do in Auschwitz, the place where the martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe took place.”

They are now preparing new projects to promote the life of important figures of the Church, such as Joan of Arc, G.K. Chesterton and St. Augustine.