Sri Lankan Catholics' response to terrorism reached Rimini Meeting

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It was April 21, 2019 when these terrible images shocked the world.

Rome Reports travelled to Sri Lanka to provide information on the tragedy that left at least 262 dead and more than 450 injured.

Husband of a victim
'Of course, still I'm saying, we are proud to be Catholic. That is definite. In my condition, still I can say that I am proud to be a Catholic. Seeing God, they dedicated their life. Those who passed, including my wife. They're dedicated to God, not something else.”

The Rome Reports' team was able to learn from firsthand experiences the consequences of the most lethal attack on Christians in recent years, but also 'the other side of the coin.'

'Stronger than bombs' is the title of the Rome Reports' new documentary that was officially presented at the 40th Rimini Meeting. It occured during the first world day dedicated to victims of religious persecution.

Director of Marketing, Rome Reports TV News Agency
“The effort of the Stand Together project, of which Rimini Meeting is one of its promoters, is to show this injustice and above all to make known the extraordinary response of the Christians in Sri Lanka. From neighbors who have martyred friends interceding for them now in Heaven, to a husband who forgives his wife's murderers. What we tell in this documentary is stronger than bombs.”

The documentary narrates the courageous responses of Christians after the Easter attacks, a response that goes against violence. Instead, they chose to look for an encounter between the country's different religions.

'Stronger than bombs' is now available through Rome Reports' Premium Service. 

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