Spectacular interactive tour shows aspects of Imperial Rome from 2,000 years ago

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These ruins are all that is left of the glory of an empire.

Nevertheless, thanks to technology, it is not difficult to get an idea of what Rome was like in its most glorious era. This is what one gets through “Viaggio nei Fori,” “Trip to the forums.” It is an interactive nighttime tour taking place in the warmer months of the Eternal City.

Images showing what the forum looked like 2,000 years ago are displayed above the ruins of the Forum of Caesar. The spectator is immersed in the atmosphere of a bustling imperial Rome, thanks to commentary and music played through headphones.

'Viaggio nei Fori'

“Our tour is experienced especially, but not only, from an emotional perspective. It also offers everyone the possibility to understand the results of scientific studies.”

Spectators see what the rectangular plaza erected by Julius Caesar was like. It was about the size of a soccer field.

The Forum was dominated by the Temple of Venus Genetrix, from which Caesar was supposedly descended. The three remaining sides were lined with porticoes under which merchants would set up. At the center of the forum was supposed to be a majestic equestrian statue of the magnificent military man.

“The best part is the atmosphere, the possibility to be completely immersed in this experience.”

“My favorite part was when the narrator said, ‘In this moment, you are walking where the ancient Romans walked thousands of years ago.’ That gave me chills. My favorite part was the one about Julius Caesar. I’ve always liked Roman history.”

The spectacle is in eight different languages. It lasts about 50 minutes and spectators can choose to see the Forum of Caesar or the Forum of Augustus.

“I loved it. It’s worth seeing. It’s very lovely, beautiful.”

“I was struck because I saw some of the contrast with the ancient, which is so well preserved. On the other hand, with all the modern means, with the videos and montages, it is impressive. It is extraordinary work.”

The show can be enjoyed only in the summer months because it is outdoors. The public’s response is extraordinary: more than 100,000 people pass through each exhibition each year.

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