Couple tells story of daughter's medical condition to give others hope

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Anna and Gianluca are musicians who travel around Italy telling their story. Their lives changed 10 years ago during a medical check-up halfway through Anna's pregnancy.

Il Mondo di Lucy
“[During the ultrasound], the doctor stopped suddenly and noticed the baby was missing part of her cerebellum.”

The doctor said their baby had a rare condition called Dandy Walker syndrome. They also diagnosed her with Down syndrome.

Il Mondo di Lucy
“The doctor offered us the possibility of having an abortion the following week.”
“You are the one who can decide whether or not to give birth to a child who could suffer for the rest of her life.”

The news threw the couple into a sea of doubt and fear. They didn't know how to respond nor who to turn to for help.

Il Mondo di Lucy
“That night, which I think was the darkest in our life, I kept praying, within me, searching for solutions, answers.”
“All of a sudden I heard baby Lucy's voice. It was as if she were yelling at me, saying, 'We can do it, together.' I immediately felt my answer had to be 'yes.'”

Il Mondo di Lucy
“I was comforted by the serenity with which she told me her decision and about the strength she had received. From that point, our new adventure began, with the serenity of our decision.”

Since then, they have told their story on a blog to bring comfort to people in similar situations. It's called “Lucy's World.” It has told the daily life of the young girl, now for over 10 years.

Il Mondo di Lucy
“She's a strong, happy girl. She brings us so much joy. When we look at her, when we are with her, she gives us so much energy. It pushes us to live each present moment to the fullest.”

Il Mondo di Lucy
“She's a girl like any other, but she has a spiritual depth that impels her to look for contact with other people, especially when they're in difficult situations. We learn a lot from her. Many times there are situations in which you run away from others, but she always looks for human contact.”
“I've told her since she was little, 'You came into the world to bring light and serenity.'”

The arrival of little Lucy has helped them put themselves at others' disposal to share how their daughter has changed their lives. Since music is such a big part of their lives, they have designed this concert to tell their story. It's a show that has taken them through Italy and other European countries, in the hope of making a difference.

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