Seminarians launch website to promote participation in Mass from home at any time

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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of Mass celebrations with the physical presence of people in churches. However, it promoted the diffusion of online celebrations.

Thanks to electronic devices, the faithful can participate in Mass celebrated by the pope or their own parish priest. The options are wide-ranging, and can help identify one that best fits into each person's schedule.

“Imagine I have class in the morning, and that in the evening I have to study or pray, and I wonder, 'What time is Mass? Where would I go to Mass at 7 pm?' Then I look at that option and start with two or three parishes. Initially, it was a way to provide a service to the elderly, so they wouldn't have to create Facebook accounts or spend too much time scouring YouTube. The website www.misaencasa was meant to be something very easy to use, where someone goes to the webpage and finds different parishes from which to choose.”

The website offers more details about the wide range of Mass options. It also provides information on adoration, meditation, catechesis and even virtual tours of different sanctuaries.

“The main project, and the start of it all, was a desire to help people experience the Mass, but it doesn't stop there. We see a much bigger offer, that there are priests using this as a vehicle for evangelization. Many priests would write to me and say, 'Hey Álvaro, now 500 people follow our Mass, but in my town there are only 50 people! How is this possible?!' That's the richness of the Lord. He always multiplies things by 10, by 100, by 1,000.”

Less than a month after its launch, the team was congratulated by Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

“It was like a push to say, 'Come. Go ahead. The sky is the limit. We must always look upward, not sideways. If we keep our gaze horizontal, we'll always be stuck at this height and won't aspire to more. We always have to look upward and strive for the maximum.”

It's a project born out of service and a need to spiritually accompany people going through difficult times. A similar service for Mass in English can be found at 

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres

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