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Seminarians manufacture plastic face shields to slow spread of COVID-19

Seminarians from the diocese of Cádiz y Ceuta in Spain got to work to combat the coronavirus pandemic by manufacturing plastic face shields to prevent further spread of the virus.

Diocese of Cádiz y Ceuta, Spain
“The screen-making initiative was launched by the seminary at Cádiz after a local businessman donated a 3D printer to us. We used this initiative to respond to a desire. Upon beginning our confinement, we asked ourselves what we could do to help, beyond praying.”

Thanks to the use of this technology, they are manufacturing plastic face shields and donating them to parishes, as well as police authorities, caretakers of the elderly and volunteers working with Caritas and the civil protection department.

However, they don't neglect their academic and spiritual responsibilities as they continue to prepare for the priesthood.

Deacon, Diocese of Cádiz y Ceuta, Spain
“We haven't all stayed here at the seminary. It's been impossible. We do keep more or less the same schedule. We continue praying. That's what helps those of us who remain stay united.”

Seminarian, Diocese of Cádiz y Ceuta, Spain
“We live our normal lives. We clean, go to class, do homework. We keep up with everything, more or less, to avoid falling into the temptation of boredom and fatigue.”

Along with moments of prayer, these daily tasks help maintain a semblance of normal life for these seminarians, as they produce plastic face masks to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres