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Siervas band turns up the volume during coronavirus

Since 2014, these seven nuns from the community of the Servants of the Plan of God, representing Chile, Japan, Peru, China and Costa Rica have been using their musical talents to live out their mission of service and evangelization. The group is called Siervas, and they haven't let the coronavirus pandemic put a damper on their spirits nor their instruments.

Violinist, Siervas
“Our main mission is to serve those most in need, those who most suffer. During this time, our mission hasn't stopped. So, besides music, we've been able to collect and distribute food to immigrants and to the poorest.”

They have continued to spread their message of faith, joy and hope despite social distancing. They've even recorded "coronavirus versions" of some of their most popular songs.

Vocals and Guitar, Siervas
“As consecrated people and musicians of this time, we seek to spread our message through appealing, striking and current rhythms, like those in pop and pop-rock. Our dream is that this message will transcend borders and languages and reach everyone all around the world.”

At no point during the pandemic has Siervas abandoned its fans. Instead, the group has been organizing online concerts, talks, prayer groups and virtual activities to promote solidarity.

Drums, Siervas
“Well, we've been composing new songs during this time. We're also working on a new musical project. We're waiting for God to provide everything so we can return to giving concerts. We especially can't wait to share with people, which is what really makes us happy.”

It will be a shared feeling of happiness between the musicians and their fans when Siervas gets its seven-part harmony back on stage.

Claudia Torres