Archbishop of Panama: "The pope laughed when I showed him the WYD ad with kids"

The WYD of Panama is starting to build excitement for January. With the goal to reach everyone, this weekend it has summoned thousands of children. 

“I'm Pope Francis...”

One of the puppets represents the pope and another is disguised as Msgr. Romero. The archbishop of Panama showed the video to Pope Francis.

Archbishop of Panama
"He cracked up laughing. He said, 'But they've made me a bit ugly..."
"On Sunday we will have thousands of young Pope Francis', patron saints of WYD, and Swiss guards, to create this international environment."

José Domingo Ulloa was in Rome to finish the details of the next World Youth Day that will begin on January 22 in Panama.

Archbishop of Panama
"Thousands of young people and bishops are already enrolling. I think this is the most important thing: that from various dioceses of the world they have already contacted us and are already envisioning this pilgrimage to Panama."

In Panama, hundreds of people have made their homes available to pilgrims who will be attending.

The archbishop of Panama has taken advantage of his recent trip to Rome to visit the Holy Land, where a project has started that is related to the upcoming WYD.

Archbishop of Panama
"One of the great gifts the pilgrims will receive is this rosary, made with olive wood from Bethlehem. We will give two to each pilgrim along with a commitment: to pray with it themselves, then give it to another, and pray for peace in the world, for youth, and for Christians of the Holy Land. The most wonderful thing about this rosary is that we have been able to help more than 250 families in the Holy Land."

The official trip schedule will be announced around the month of November. Meanwhile, dozens of volunteers from all over the world are already working in Panama, so everything will be ready by then.

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