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Nando Mendes releases his third album from the heart of Brazil

This collaborator of the Brazilian New Song community has just released his third album, entitled “Tempo para Deus.” Nando Mendes is a singer-songwriter who mostly makes sacred and choral music.

His songs are full of personality, and he has dedicated a distinct style to each one of his albums. Thus, throughout his catalog, we find songs of praise, liturgy and prayer. 

Nando Mendes believes God used music to win over his heart. 

With all of these tools: musical styles, expressions, purposes, and, mainly, a gift from God that deeply touches the heart, I feel that music really helps me talk with God.”

Nando Mendes has participated in the festival “Halleluya Fortaleza,” which brought together more than 300,000 people this year and is considered the largest integrated arts festival in Brazil.

In addition to having sung in various South American countries, Nando Mendes has also taken the stage in Holland, Israel and Egypt. He says the Gospel must be shared so that it reaches many more people.

“I believe it is necessary to bring the Good News, the Gospel to many people and where God wants. FLASH 0:25-0:36. “My goal is to spread this work, to make people conscious through music that we need to give more time to God.”

For him, evangelizing through music is a great responsibility, but he says he is calm because he does it with faith and joy.