WYD Film contest: Share a story about the Catholic faith

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Goodness Reigns is a lay-led non-profit organization dedicated to evangelization through the media. 

It uses contests, film festivals, online resources, and a film school to spread and educate people about the Catholic faith. 

One of their new contests is “Share a story” encouraging people to produce a seven-minute video on topics varying from Bible stories, Church teachings, saints, the sacraments, missionary outreach and social justice issues.

The winners for each category of the competition will receive $ 1,000 and the deadline for submission is midnight, October 28th. The videos will also be used for 2019 World Youth Day in Panama. 

For Gabriel Castillo, director of the Goodness Reigns film school and a filmmaker, the Catholic faith is so rich that video offers a great way to explore and contemplate God. 

GR Film school and filmmaker
“We have so many images, so many sacramentals, so many Holy pictures, that we can use to communicate our faith. So when you have the audio, you have the music playing in the background, you have these beautiful images, it has the ability to raise the mind and heart to God.”

He also believes that even the video production process in itself can be beneficial in learning more about the Catholic faith.  

GR Film school and filmmaker
“It is also helpful just making a film to help you to grow in your faith. I know that when I am making a video, on a particular topic, I have to do a lot of research and a lot of studying so that I can present that same topic in an efficient and effective way.”

Goodness Reigns hopes to battle against a video culture that bombards, especially the youth, with images that degrade women and encourage bad behavior. 

GR Film school and filmmaker
“There are just so many messages that are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ being shown in video and young people especially need an outlet. They need to be able to go online and see quality content that is going to nourish their faith and lead them to God.”

Goodness Reigns has been involved in World Youth Day since 2011 with pope emeritus in Madrid.  

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