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Spanish musician who found God and now writes music inspired by the Bible

Jesús Cabello is a Spanish musician who plays music inspired by his Christian faith. He has performed across the world. Some of these performances include two World Youth Days and the World Meeting of Families in Milan 2012.

After suffering from a serious illness when he was a child he went on a search for the meaning to life. He soon found God and discovered how he could his music to serve others in his praise for the Lord.

“Little by little I felt how my passion for music could be of service to others. What began as a hobby, a form of entertainment for me, I started to take more seriously. I feel I have to deliver my music with more quality, more sense, and more clarity to the Gospel message.”

Some of his inspiration for writing music comes from various parts of scripture. In particular the psalms.

“The psalms have a lot of content and reflections that others have meditated on before me. It has helped many as it has helped me.”

He believes using one's talents is important to spreading the message of Christ to produce a better world. 

“I think the Holy Spirit is creative, and creativity includes music, architecture, sculpture.” “I think the Holy Spirit is inspiring not only to create beautiful works, but to transform the world, to recreate a world that needs God and needs the message of Jesus.”

He hopes his music can help people find their purpose in life and discover God's calling for them. 

When he is not playing music he works as a Castilian language and literature teacher. He is actively involved in his parish. There he helps to run a singing workshop; and projects such as art and prayer for young people.