Pope Francis meets the grandmother he told Central American bishops about

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Pope Francis admitted to Central American bishops that he had already been deeply impacted by one person in particular in Panama. 

Since it is a World Youth Day, one might think this person would be young. However, in reality, the person who impacted the pope the most was much older, but still has a young spirit.

“Speaking of grandmothers, I have seen the same grandmother two times. I saw her yesterday and again today. She was an old lady, like this, my age or even older, with a mitre. She had put on a mitre she had made with cardboard and a sign that said: 'Your Holiness: grandmothers also make a mess.' Your people are marvelous.”

Pope Francis was referring to this elderly lady. The pope admired her vitality and the message she displayed on her banner so much that he stopped to greet her.

The banner says “grandmothers also make a mess... but with wisdom.” Pope Francis was very happy with this motto and did not hesitate to join in the mess as well. He learned that this day was the elderly lady's birthday. 

“This lady, who is younger than me, is brave. And today is her birthday. So we will all sing 'happy birthday' together.”

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