Pope Francis listens attentively to a song composed by a young victim of bullying

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The pope met in Panama with this representation of Scholas Citizenship students. They spoke to Pope Francis about the problems young people in their region are experiencing; and their proposals for overcoming these issues.

Brayan, from Panama, gave this plant to the pope to show Panama's biodiversity.

“I have had it for two months in my house and it has blossomed especially for this moment.”

Everyone was very excited, especially Martha from Honduras. She was bullied at school and explained her experience to Pope Francis through this song.

The pope embraced the young woman tenderly, who gave him the lyrics to the song. He then said a few words to everyone.

“No one spoke of abstract things, ideas... No one... you spoke about concrete things. This is the life.”

The young people explained to the pope their plans to organize a peaceful student march to promote change in education and against violence. This will be done in hopes to resolve the crisis suffered by the young people in their region. 

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