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Musician's heartfelt melodies on faith and peace

Since a young age, musician John Finch has seen the great importance in worshiping God. He has helped lead congregations across the United states as a worship leader; and uses his music to explores one's love for God.

In two of his most recent songs from his “Wildfire”album, “Walk By Faith” and “Peace Be Still,” he attempts to express his life experience so far in obtaining faith and peace. 

In his song “Walk By Faith” he wanted to look at those difficult times he himself, as well as others, go through in trusting God.   

“I started thinking about this season of life. What I am walking through. What situations and circumstances I am walking through; and really this has been a season of trust.”

He stresses the importance of walking rather by faith than sight. This is because one never knows what tomorrow will bring as it is God who ultimately holds the future. 

Similarly, in his song “Peace Be Still” John explored his fears of the night as a child. During these anxious moments, he recalls how his mother used to tell him to pray 'Peace be still in the name of Jesus.'

“In those moments of anxiety and struggle I think we are closer to God.”

He says that one is never alone in their struggles, as God is walking with them. He wants this song to be a source of hope to those suffering from anxiety. 

John Finch hopes to continue in composing piano melodies that help people encounter “the redemptive freedom that is found in Christ.”