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Melanie Penn releases song, “Don't Worry,” as message of strength

Melanie Penn has just launched this new video. It's a call to wake up everyday without worries. 

The Christian singer uses her music to speak about her faith and inspire others. She wants to help people through her powerful lyrics. 

Her new song is “Don't Worry”.

“It can feel like a lot to ask someone who lives in this world that can be so broken to not worry, but time and time again in the Scriptures that's exactly what we're asked to do. Don't worry. There's a God watching over us. All of the bad things are going to be redeemed for good.”

While walking in the streets of Atlanta, Melanie recalls how the world can be overwhelming, but remembers that God is always there. Its message is to stay strong no matter how bad things might appear, because things will get better.

“This song can remind anyone who's going through dark circumstances to not worry. That's the hope.”

This is Melanie's fourth album. With a fresh voice from Washington and New York charisma, it will make people want to sing and dance!