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Juliana Pérez, the artist who combines music and painting to transmit Catholic faith

This is Juliana Pérez, an Ecuadorian music professor that uses more than one form of art to help bring out people's faith. For the past year, she's been composing songs and painting murals like these, trying to pass on her faith and love.

For Juliana, music and painting help her serve her mission, each in a distinct way. She says melodies help her impact others' emotions. She proved this with her first single, “At the Foot of the Cross.”

“Music has the strength to directly reach the heart. I'm not only looking to reach the heart with its strength, but also to communicate a message. There's no better way to do that than with the Gospel.”

Together with artist Rodrigo Banda, she paints portraits and personalized messages like these, under the brand name “Tibi.” They show people's most cherished memories through their work.

“'Tibi' means 'for you' in Latin. We chose this name because we're looking to strengthen love through special memories. We thought about Mary, because she guards all things in her heart. We want people to remember their unique moments through our art.”

For Juliana, the beauty of art can make people question the meaning of life and thus, reach God.

“My greatest desire in life is to be a window where a ray of God's light can shine through and reach people. I want my talents to lead people to God.”

Juliana will be releasing her second single soon. Meanwhile, she will continue to spread faith through her microphone and paintbrush.

Carlos Kestler
Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski