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Seminarians from 18 countries sing together during pandemic

Seminarians from the International Ecclesiastical College Sedes Sapientiae in Rome joined their voices to bring hope during the crisis with their rendition of “Somos el Pueblo que te ama,” “We are the people who love you.” It was written by Junior Cabrera, director of the musical group Alfareros.

“The moment to see hope has come. The moment for courage has come. The moment to sing a new song has come. The moment to give You my heart has come.”

Seminarian (Dominican Republic)
“The group Alfareros had originally recorded this song between 2002 and 2003. They made an international version in five languages. We easily adapted it and incorporated other languages. That way, each person could help represent the whole world. The idea of the song was to show that we are the people who love the Lord.”
“We are the people who love You and wait for You, who love You with all our hearts. We were saved at a very high price. These are Your people. Look at Your people, Lord.”

The project includes over 13 languages, among them Croatian, Malayalam, Filipino, Arabic, Swahili and even the indigenous Zapotec.

It's with this same sense of universality that these men live in the seminary.

Seminarian (Dominican Republic)
“For us, being able to live in an international seminary, like Sedes Sapientiae, is impressive because you truly live in the heart of the faith. You get to more closely experience the Catholicity of the Church. You interact with people you never thought you'd meet, people with different ways of thinking and doing things. It's a richness.”

The video includes the participation of seminarians from countries like Venezuela, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa and Spain.

Through a simple song, together they send a message of unity to all corners of the planet.

“We trust in Thee, oh Lord. May Thy mercy transform our lives.”

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres