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“Mary's Diary,” the musical that could be at Panama's World Youth Day

To show Jesus’ life and story through the eyes of Mary. That is the objective of the producers of the musical, “Mary's Diary.”

The musical has touched more than 100 stages in Mexico, and now they hope that World Youth Day in Panama will give them the opportunity to bring their message to the whole world

Actor and producer, “Mary's Diary”
“For a while now, we've been wanting to bring this performance to World Youth Day. We believe that because it is a World Youth Day dedicated to Mary, it’s a good opportunity to be able to extend this message to more people.”

The act is 90 minutes long, beginning with the birth of Jesus and ending with His Resurrection and Mary's Assumption. 

The musical’s writer and producer, Carlos García, explains he never could have imagined that one of his childhood favorite singers, Martín Valverde, would participate in the musical. In fact, the performance revolves around Valverde's lyrics and songs.

Author and producer, “Mary's Diary”
“I made an appointment with Martín’s office and they told me, ‘He can see you in 15 minutes.’ I leapt at the opportunity, Martín Valverde was seeing me, I was 21 years old. He told me to take a moment of prayer and asked when we were premiering, I told him May 29. He marked it in his calendar and that was that. Everything flowed perfectly and during these six years of the show's existence Martín has remained very close.”

Although more than a year remains before World Youth Day, the musical's creators are knocking on every door to be able to bring their act to young people from all over the world.

Actor and producer, “Mary's Diary”
“Those who are going to World Youth Day, please contact us to see how we can bring this message to more young people around the world.”

It's a unique way to share Jesus’ final hours through the eyes of his mother, Mary, a perspective often overlooked.